This is the index page for dance instructions. Please add a link here as appropriate when you have posted a set of instructions. Note that pages in RED still need to be supplied. Others may still need work (it would be nice to have an amber link!??) There are names in grey boxes that MAY (or may not) be dances for which instructions are available. The tag '??rename' is to indicate that the link does not have the prefix 'ins_' which is desirable to allow us to count the dances.

Tags for finding special material

The following tags can be put in pages. Eventually I (JN) will try to establish some mechanisms for searching. In the meantime, they will serve to help people find music etc. for dances.

* <GENRE: ….> where …. is one of Playford, English, contra, (please contact JN before adding other genres) * <MUSIC-SHEET:….> where …. is a reference to the sheet music (may be in this wiki in the Sheet Music section). * <MUSIC-DOWNLOAD:….> where …. is a link to the appropriate source, e.g., iTunes * <MUSIC-CD:….> where …. is a reference to the CD and track (may be in this wiki in ???). Please include track identifier. * <MUSIC-TAPE:….> where …. is a reference to the tape. Please include track identifier. * <MUSIC-LP:….> where …. is a reference to the (vinyl) recording. Please include track identifier. * <FORMATION: ….> where …. is the formation e.g., longways, round, square * <NUMBER: ….> where …. identifies number of couples or number of dancers * <VIDEO: ….> where …. is a link or reference to a video of the dance

A tool

While the template below is useful to show structure, Graham Thompson has created a tool to aid the formatting:

A template

Below is a trial template in which instructions for a dance can be entered. I have tried to make this fit a “standard” 4” by 6” index card that seems popular with many dance callers. I welcome others to convert those dances not in this format to fit, sinc

NOTE: I find it easiest to use a monospace (typewriter-like) font to maintain spacing. This is best done in a text editor (the most common in Windows is Notepad.)

Note that it is NOT a good idea to try to edit into the template, as it is a lot of work to arrange the spacing. I plan to develop some tools to make editing easier in this format. Watch this space. Ideas welcome. –NashJc 15:34, 6 Decembe

There are a couple of ways you can ensure the wiki displays the text in a monospace font. One is to put the tag &lt;pre&gt; and the tag &lt;/pre&gt; below it. Note that for Wikipedia (and some other wikis) you can also start text with a space to get it to display in “typewriter” text.

|                                                            | 1
| Title (Childgrove) here,  format,  [[improper/other|notes]]  | 2
|                                                            | 3
| A1 1-4 Partners side.                                      | 4
|    5-8 Partners back-to-back.                              | 5
| A2 1-8 Repeat A1 with neighbor.                            | 6
| B1 1-4 Neighbors turn two-hands once-and-a-half, skipping, | 7
|        and open to face across the set.                    | 8
|    5-8 Partners turn two-hands.                            | 9
| B2 1-8 1st couple figure-eight through 2nd couple above,   |10
|        skipping.                                           |11
|  {inactive couples should change places with partner at top|12
|   and bottom while waiting to re-enter the dance.}         |13
|                                                            |14
|                                                            |16
|                                                            |17
|                                                            |18
|                                                            |19
|                                                            |20
|                                                            |21
|                                                            |22
|                                                            |23
|                                                            |24

A prototype tool for spacing

The following Perl script will add the spaces. It is executable in Linux and likely Mac command box, and possibly a Windows box, but may need to be run via

perl file.txt
# -- add spaces to beginning of text file to get boxes in Dokuwiki and Mediawiki
use strict;
my $infile = @ARGV[[0]];
print "towikibox on file $infile, result in $";

open (INFILE, $infile);
my $outfile = "$";
open (OUTFILE, ">$outfile");
my @all =<INFILE>;
foreach my $line (@all) {
        chomp $line;
        print OUTFILE "   $line\";
print "DONE!";

Note the list of English dance videos at












Dampier (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Dancing Wife

Dargason or Sedany (Playford Ball)

Dashing White Sergeant `

Dartford Camp I

Dear Abby

December Waltz

Designing Woman, The (Roodman: New Friends)

Designing Woman, Vn 2

De'il Take the Warr or De'il Take the Wars (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)


Devilish Delight of Doctor Denard

Devils Dream

Devils Maggot

Dicks Maggot

Digging Dutchman

The Disbanded Officer

Doctor Vincent's Delight

Doldrum, The  (Maggot Pie)
Double Duet, A (??Roodman)
Dover Castle

Dover Pier


Down Yonder

Drapers Gardens

Drapers Maggot (Playford Ball)

Dressed Ship The

Dr. Vincent's Delight, see Doctor Vincent's Delight

Dreyfus Gardens

Drive the Cold Winter Away

Drops of Brandy

Dublin Bay or We'll Wed and We'll Bed

Dudmason Hall
Dud's Reel

Duke of Gloucesters March

Duke of Kents Waltz

Dunant House Waltz

Dunrobin Castle

Duquoin Races

DURHAM REEL--(Tune: A Hundred Pipers. Chord + 5 x 16 bars).

Dusty Miller (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Dutch Crossing

Dutch Dollars

Dutch Diamond


E and D Waltz

An Early Frost

Early One Morning

Easter Morn

Easter Thursday

Easter Tuesday

East Meets West

Edinborough Castle
Edinburgh Rock

Edwins Maggot


Elverton Grove

Ely Court

Emma Turns Three (Roodman: New Friends)

Emmas Commencement

Enfield Common (Purcell's Dancing Master)

Enrichez Vous


Epping Forest

Epsom Wells, or Wa' is Me
Errol on the Green
Evan's Delight[[ ins_evergreen | Evergreen ]]

Excuse Me




A Garland for Judi

The Garter, or King James' ??

Gathering Peascods

Gelding the Devil

Gentleman's Delight

Girl's Best Friend, A

Gisburn Processional


Good Man of Cambridge

Good Man of Antwerp

Goose and Gridiron ??still trying to find instructions??

Gossips Reel

Got a Dance by George


Gray's Inn Mask

Greensleeves and Yellow Lace

Greenwich Park

Green Willow


Grounds Green Sleeves (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Guidman of Ballangigh or Geud Man of Ballangigh

The Gun Fleet (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Gypsy Round

Gallant Enterprize
Garland, The
Gay Young Squire, The
General, The
George Cross, The
Gigue for Genny
Gossip Joan  (Maggot Pie)
Gradley Lass, The  (Maggot Pie)
Grandfather's Clock
Granny's Knot
Greenwich Hill
Green Willow  (Maggot Pie)
Guinea Pig (Come, Let's be Merry)


Had Je Me Maar

Hair's Maggot – note there seem to be lots of spellings

Hakke Toone

Hale-Bopp Circle

Half Hannikin

Hazelfern Place

Halsway Sicilian

Hambletons Round O

Hamburger Special

Handel with Care

Happy Captive HAPPY CAPTIVE, THE (1774) Tune: The Dusky Night

Happy Clown, The  (Maggot Pie)

Happy Marriage

Happy Meeting (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Happy Pair

Harke Planeet
HASTE TO THE WEDDING (Chord + 3 x 40 bars).
Haymakers, The / Highland Lilt (may be tunes, not dances)

Haymakers Jig

Hazelfern Place


Heading for Zero

Health The or The Merry Wassail

Health to All Honest Men, A ??rename??



Heathfield Rag (The Entertainer??)



Helenes Night Out

Helston Furry Dance (Hit & Misse, p.20)

Hello Mary Lou
Hemel Hempstead Roundabout
Henry's Hornpipe

Herne Bay Dance

Heswall and West Kirby Jubilee

HEY BOYS, UP GO WE (lst Ed. 1650) – See Cuckolds all a row



High Ginks

Hinky Dinky
His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales Favourite

Hit and Miss HIT AND MISS (lst Ed. 1650) Tune: Daphne. For four; in three parts.




Jackie Bull

Jacks Health

Jacks Maggot

Jacob Halls Jig

Jamaica Jameko (Jamaica)

Jamaica (4 Couple alternate form)

Jaque Latin

Jeds Reel

Jefferson's Reel

Jenny, Come Tye (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Jenny Pluck Pears

John Tallis' Canon

Johnny Fetch Your Wife Back

Jovial Beggars (Maggot Pie)

Joy After Sorrow

Juice of Barley


Jackis Jig 2.
Jacks Farewell, The
Jesucita en chihauahua
Jockey and Jenny
Joe Paris
John Tallis' Canon
Jubilee Rag
Julian's Jolly
Juno and Pallas


Kelsterne Gardens

Keys to the Cellar

Kill Him With Kindness

King of Poland

Kings Maggot

Kings Penny (Maggot Pie)

Kit Cat Club

Kit Cat Club II (Purcell's Dancing Master)

Kneeland Romp

Knives and Forks

Knole Park

Knot (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Koala Picnic

Koepoort Galliard (Pat Shaw, “New Wine in Old Bottles”)

Katie Andante
K & E
Kennedy's Rant, The
Kent & Cathy Jamieson's Barn Dance
King's Penny , The


La Bastringue     

La Dame Francoise

La Gavre

La Lirboulaire (Purcell's Dancing Master)
La Russe

Ladies of the Vail

Lady Pentweazle's Maggott

Lady Walpoles Reel

Lady Williams Delight

Laisterbridge Lane

Lancaster Lasses


Lanes_Minuet (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Lasses of Portsmouth LASSES OF PORTSMOUTH, THE (1774) Tune: We Will Down With The French

Lass of Richmond Hill. The

Lauara's Waltz






Measured Obsession

Mendocino Redwood

Merry Andrew, The (Maggot Pie)

Merry Conclusion

Merry Makers Jubilee

Merry Merry Milkmaids

The Merry Salopians

Merry Companion, The
MERRY MEETING THE(1778) 7 x 32 Bars Tune: The Handsome Couple



Monica's Delight (2 couple, Pat Shaw, written at age 13)

Monieks Maggot This is a dance for 3 couples by Philippe Callens. The same tune was used in the movie Pride and Prejudice (2005) and is reconstructed at Pride and Pomposity below

Monks March with the Wanders


Moore Hall

Morcambe Bay

Morning Rout

Mother Quoth Hodge (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Mount Hills

Mover and Shaker

Mock Match , The  (Maggot Pie)
Moll Pately (4.00)
Money Musk
Moonlight saunter
Morpeth Rant


Mu to My

Mulberry Garden

Muriel's Measure

Mutual Love

My Lady Cullen

My Lady Winwoods Maggot


Mr Handels Jig
Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance
Mr  Mozarts Rant
Mr Shaws Apologies
Mrs. Pomeroy's Pavane
Mumping Maid , The  (Maggot Pie)
My Lady Marion



Old Batchelor

Old Mole

The Old Jubilee

Old Wife Behind the Fire

Opera Reel

Oranges and Lemons

Ore Boggy

Orleans Baffled

Oswestry Wake

Oxo Reel

Oakleigh House (Old Oxford)
Ocean View
Ocean Wave
Old Boot, The  (Maggot Pie)
Old Friends (Roodman??)
Old Hob or The Mouse Trap
Old Jubilee
Old Mill, The
Old Simon The King
ONCE A NIGHT (1774) Tune: Ye Social Powers  (Playford Ball)
Orange Nan
Ormond House
O, Susato
Oswestry Square
Oxford Circus/Parson's Farewell
Oxo Cube


Packingtons Pound
Parson Upon Dorothy
Parthenia  (Maggot Pie)
Partida, La
PARTING LOVERS, THE (1776) 7 x 48 Bars
Paston's Maggot
Pat-a-cake Polka

Park Lane

Pat's Tradition

Parsons Cap

Parsons Farewell

Pat Talbot


Perpetual Motion
Peter and Peggy
Peters Maze

Peace Be With You

Peace and Plenty

Pearls of Wisdom


Pentonville Ramble


Phoenix Rejuvenated, The

Physical Snob The

Picking Up Sticks PICKING UP STICKS (lst Ed. 1650) Tune: Lavena Longways for six; in three parts.


Pins and Needles

The Play's the Thing

Pleasures of the Town PLEASURES OF THE TOWN, THE (1777) Tune: The Fair Maid of the Inn


ins_pine cones

Po ...

Polka Dot

Poor Robin's Maggot. See Would You Have A Young Virgin


Portland Fancy


Posties Jig

Pride and Pomposity

Prince Eugene's March (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Prince George's Birthday

Prince Rupert's March (Hit & Misse p. 6)

Prince of Westborough

Prince William

Prince William of Glo's'ter's Waltz (Playford Ball)


Proper Dutch

Pucks Deceit

PunchBowl Punch Bowl, The

Polka Pousettte
Pontius Pilate Rant
PRETTY NUN (Vol. 3 1728)
Pride of Newcastle, The
Princess, The

The Pursuit


Ra to Ri

Rafe's Waltz

The Ragg


Rakes of Rochester, The

Ramsgate Assembly

Real Princess

Recruiting Officer (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Red and All Red

Red House

Red House of Cardiff

Redwood Romp

Return of Spring

Richmond Ball (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Rise and Run

Rafe's Waltz
Ramble to Greenwich

Randolph Farewell

Rebecca's Roundabout
Red and Gold
Red Bull, The  (Maggot Pie)
Red River Valley
Reel Contra (from N Kilby)
Reluctant Recruit
Retiring Fellow, A
Ribbon Dance, The

Ro ...

Sa to Sc

Sackett's Harbor

Safe Haven

Saint Martin's (Hit & Misse, p. 21)

Sally In Our Alley

Sally on the Mountain

Salt of the Earth

Sashay the Donut

Sadler's Wells
Saucy Sailor, The  (Maggot Pie)
SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL, A (1778) 6 x 32 Bars  Tune: The New Fandango
Scotch Billy

Scotch Cap

Scotch Measure, The  (Purcell's Dancing Master)

Scotch Morris

Se to Sl

Sellengers Round

Seven Stars in the Sky
Severn Bore

Shades of Shadrack

Shadrack's Delight (tune Dashing White Sergeant)

Shandy Hall

Shawbury Park

She Favourite, The

Shepherds Dance

Shepherds Delight Shepheards Holyday or Labour in Vaine or Shepherd's Holiday or Labour in Vain

She Rose and Let Me In
Shifting Bobbins
Shirleys Jig

Short and Sweet

Short and the Tall

Shrewsbury Lasses

Shropshire Gallop

Shropshire Lass

Sibyls Roundabout

SICILIAN CIRCLE (Lead note + 6 x 32 bars).

Siege of Limerick

Siegel ??
Silver Wedding Waltz

Sion House

Sir Roger de Coverley

Sir Watkin's Jig

Six for the Six Proud Walkers

Slaughter House

Slof Galliard, The  (Pat Shaw, "New Wine in Old Bottles")

Sm to Sq

Smarts of New Tunbridge Wells, The

Smithy Hill

Snow in April

Snowflake Breakdown

Softly Good Tummas

Some Say the Devil's Dead (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Songs of the Harpist

Sonny Brogan's/Brian O'Lynn/Blue Jay

Soulton Jigg

Southern Two Step

Spanheim (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Spaniard The

Spanish Jigg

Sparkling Eyes

Speed the Plough

Splendid Shilling

Sprigs of Laurel

Spring Garden

Spring The


St Annes Waltz

Starters Orders
Star Trek

Steel Hoop

Step Stately (Jack Pudding)

Stepping Stones

Stern Polka
Stevies Hop  

Stitchers Birthday

St. George's Day Jig

St. Margaret's Hill

St Martin's Lane

St Martin's

Stockport Assembly (Roodman: New Friends)

Stoke Golding Country Dance

Stride Stately

Strip The Willow

Su ...

Ta to Th

Take a Dance

Take not a Woman's Anger Ill (Purcell's Dancing Master)




Temple of Health

Ten Cents a Dance (3.00)
Ten Commandments
Terpsicourante (Roodman: New Friends)

Thady you gander

The Maid Peeped Out at the Window
The Night-Peace or The shaking of the sheets
Thread The Needle 

Three Couple Set

Three Hand Star
THREE MEET (Lead note +6 x 32 bars).

Three on a Bench

Ti to To

Tidemill, The

Tods Assembly

Tom Birchall

Tom Pate
Topaz, The


Tr ...


Trip to Amsterdam (?? 50 Years)

Trip to Bavaria

Trip to East Hampstead

Trip to Gloster

Trip to Greene

Trip to Highgate

Trip to Kilburn

Trip to Mortzel

Trip to Ottawa

Trip to Paris

Trip to Tunbridge

Trip to Uxbridge

Trip the the Mills (Molengang)
TRIP TO DUBLIN, A (1777) 7 x 32 Bars Tune: The Contrefatte
Trip to Margate by the Sea, A
TRIP TO THE COTTAGE, A (Intro. of 4 bars+6 x 32 bars).
Trip to the Jubilee, A
Trip to the Manors
Trip to Westerham, A



Up With Aily

Upon a Summer's Day

Up the sides and down the middle


Valentine's Day (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Virgin of 15 Years (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Virginia Reel

Vivaldi in Paradise


Valentine's Day
Vaughan's Ramble

Wa to We

Wa Is Me What Mun I Do

Wakefield Hunt

Walk right back

Walpole Cottage

Waltz Cotillion or Killarney Waltz

Waltz Country Dance

Washington Quickstep

Waterfall Waltz

Waters of Holland

Waves of Tory

Way to Norwich

Wedding of Mai and David

Well Done Jack

Well Hall

Welsh Rabbit, The

Welsh March, A


Westminster Hall

We Are All Right at Canterbury
Wedding of Mai and David, The
Well's Humour   (Purcell's Dancing Master)
Wendy for Somesuch
We won't go home 'till morning

Wh to Wi


When Laura Smiles

Whimbleton House


Whirlijig by Charlene Thompson

Whirligig's Last Bow

White Joak

White Wheat

Whitehall Minuet  or  White-Hall Minuett
Whitsun Holidays or The Parson in the Pease

Wibsey Roundabout

Wickering Wench (Maggot Pie)

Wild Asparagus

Wildboar's Maggot

Winster Gallop

Winter Dreams Waltz

Winter Memories

Winter Solstice

Wives Victory

Windsor Parade
Winter Dreams (??is it Winter Dreams Waltz or another dance?)
Winter's Night Schottische (2.37)
Withywind, The  (Maggot Pie)

Wo ...

Wolverton Hall

Wood Duck

Wooden Shoes or Bartholomew Fair (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)


Woodlawn Park

Woodstock Park

Would You Have A Young Virgin

Woodicock/An Old Man is a Bed full of Bones (4.03)
Wooing Mairi
Wooly and Georgey

Wrights of Lichfield, The



yellow stockings

Young Roger (Country Dances from Colonial New York: James Alexander's Notebook, New York, 1730)

Young Man's Fancy  (Maggot Pie)

young widow


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