Nash Information Services Inc. announces the download availability of

an Integrated System in BASIC

(originally published by Marcel Dekker, New York, 1987)


Example Problems and Software Extensions

(to accompany Nonlinear Parameter Estimation: an Integrated System in BASIC)

both works and accompanying software by

John C. Nash and Mary Walker-Smith

                                        Published by

Nash Information Services Inc.
#903, 373 Laurier Ave. E., Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 8X6, Canada
(613) 236 6108

Though the program codes are "old", they still work fine. If you use them, we would like to know. And if you write about work you do with them, please do us the courtesy of a proper reference. Thanks!

Files for download:
Announcement text file
Original book (zipped pdf format)
Book errata file
Extensions book (pdf)
1987 BASIC codes
1995 BASIC codes
1996 Nelder-Mead commentary
Original "EXAMPLES" ReadMe file
Original "EXAMPLES" collection (self-extracting COM file)
Original "EXAMPLES" collection (Zip file)
NOTE: The "EXAMPLES" collection contains the file consolidator
NLGOX.BAS needed to build working programs from the
methods, drivers and problems that are provided.

README.txt for the Nash and Walker-Smith codes for
             Nonlinear Parameter Estimation:
             an integrated system in BASIC

The codes in this collection were designed for operation on a
simple two-floppy PC. They are thus quite rudimentary and tend
to be awkward to run on today's more sophisticated machines.
Moreover, they used BASIC essentially as the target of routines
designed to consolidate the necessary pieces of computational
code for drivers, methods, accessories and problems. Many, if
not most, readers of the book seemed to think it was about solving
nonlinear estimation problems "in BASIC" whereas we simply wanted
to solve nonlinear estimation problems and the only cheap
computational tool was the BASICA or GWBASIC supplied with early

The consolidation of the code segments is accomplished either by
means of BATch files for MSDOS (e.g. NL.BAT), or by a program
that builds another program -- NLGOX.BAS. For systems that
cannot execute BATch files, you will likely want to use the

Today BASIC does not come with PCs usually. Therefore you will
need to find a compiler or interpreter. The good news is that
a number are available for download, though we do not know the
true legality of their use. Search for "BASIC compiler download"
or "GWBASIC" on the Internet.

Windows users:

The codes are best run in a DOS box. GWBASIC was the original
tool we used. Some simple tests suggest that Quick BASIC 4.5
works well also.

There is also a Windows version of the DOSbox package, but I have not tried this.

Linux users:

DOSbox (, which is a package in the Ubuntu repositories, will happily run GWBASIC.EXE and NLGOX.BAS etc. Tested in April 2008.

Alternatively, Chipmunk BASIC seems very similar to GWBASIC, though
I found that the instr() function has a different syntax and would
need alteration.


We welcome comments and suggestions, but since all the material is
being made available gratis, cannot undertake to do more than try
to maintain a forum. Email me if you would like the coordinates of
this forum and I will create an account for you.

J C Nash  nashjc _at_    2004-5-7

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Chipmunk BASIC

QuickBasic 4.5

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